Tuesday, March 3, 2009

black dress with the tights underneath, i got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth

i'm failing life. contemplating running away from home. contemplating death. contemplating contemplation. it all just sucks. he's all i have left to hang on to. all i have is him and what little dignity i still have. i think hes gonna leave me too, soon. ah.. ill just forget it all. just sleep for a while. 

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About Me

my name is katie and i'm 13 years old. if i was older, i wouldn't be here anymore. one of these days i'll get out. the adults say that i waste too much time. i might, but at least i go slowly enough to realize that starbucks isn't the maverick, that the speed limit isn't 150, and that theres a little girl in front of me at the supermarket. i like to think that the days when people drank tea and ate little biscuits really existed. those are lies but recreation of lies can be almost true. so i hope you can remember the times that never happened and unwind.