Wednesday, February 11, 2009

boredom is overtaking me and my hand is full of words

school has officially reached a new low. an all time low. hehe i like that band. anyways, we started "cpr" today, creating positive relationships, not mouth-to-mouth. basically, sex ed, with a different name. just like they call shop tech-ed and home ec consumer sciences or some other retarded thing. so cpr is a class where they tell you that sex is terrible and respect your elders and love doesn't exist unless you're a conformist picture of societies' lies and false fronts. basically, cpr stands for everything that i stand against. it'd be like me singing in church, like martin luther king jr being in the kkk, like george bush being sane. i absolutely hate it. i sit in the very back of the room with my feet up on the back of my prep-bud kendall's chair in my usual slackerly style. i then proceed to hold my binder in front of my face to stop myself from bursting out laughing at the teacher's complete oblivion. in my total bordeom, i worked on this beauty:

pretty sweet right? the phrases are upside down and faded from washing my hands after my hamster peed on it. made brownies for angelo as an apology for nothing, but maybe he would forgive me for the bad stuff that he did, whatever it takes, ya know? and he said he hates brownies! who hates brownies? crazy people, that's who.

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my name is katie and i'm 13 years old. if i was older, i wouldn't be here anymore. one of these days i'll get out. the adults say that i waste too much time. i might, but at least i go slowly enough to realize that starbucks isn't the maverick, that the speed limit isn't 150, and that theres a little girl in front of me at the supermarket. i like to think that the days when people drank tea and ate little biscuits really existed. those are lies but recreation of lies can be almost true. so i hope you can remember the times that never happened and unwind.