Friday, February 13, 2009

i wanna hear you when you call, do you feel anything at all?

why is it that valentine's day seems to get worse with the passing years? this might be the worst valentine's ever. now i know that valentine's day is a hallmark holiday, but i won't preach anti-consumerism here, as i myself fall victim to marketing ploys. i don't buy things on valentine's day. i take it as a universal day of love. but as we all know, today happened to be friday the 13th. in science today, he told me he still loves me. like he used to. said he used to. but he won't go out with me. where in his mind does that make sense? i don't know. thats his favorite phrase, and about all that i can ever get out of him. i just wish he would read this blog so that he can hear what i can't say. so that he would know that i wish he payed attention to me. because i can't believe that he cares, because he doesn't act like he does. i wish he would take a chance. being honest takes courage. and i wish he would take risks for me, like i have for him. angelo, if you ever read this, know that i was crying while you typed on the computer, in your total oblivion. because you say that you love me, but if you really do, then start acting like it. love is an idea, not a object.

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my name is katie and i'm 13 years old. if i was older, i wouldn't be here anymore. one of these days i'll get out. the adults say that i waste too much time. i might, but at least i go slowly enough to realize that starbucks isn't the maverick, that the speed limit isn't 150, and that theres a little girl in front of me at the supermarket. i like to think that the days when people drank tea and ate little biscuits really existed. those are lies but recreation of lies can be almost true. so i hope you can remember the times that never happened and unwind.