Thursday, January 22, 2009

anniversary of heath ledger's death, dance biscuits, coraline, and wonderland

yesterday was the anniversary of heath ledger's death. :'( he left a legend behind him with his final film, the dark knight, which is, in my opinion, one of the best films ever made. he played the villain, the joker, who is also one of my favorite roles in any movie. R.I.P heath. we'll always remember you.



second, my friend angelo told me to look up a video that was an snl skit with beyonce and justin timberlake in it. i did, and its hilarious. you should definitely see it. sorry about the french subtitles. were warmed up like biscuits! ya! dance biscuits! were the danssserss!

next topic, coraline. an amazing new film by the director of  the nightmare before christmas. it's a fantasy-horror stop motion movie about a young girl who discovers an alternate reality in her flat. it's based on the british book, which im gonna read soon. it come out on the 6th.


alice in wonderland, tim-burtonized. could it get any better? i IDOLIZE tim and his work, as well as helena's acting. the new movie has the usual tim burton crew of johnny depp as the mad hatter, helena bonham-carter as the red queen (duchess), but a new actress to the scene was cast as alice. mia wasikowska. she has a promising look, and i hope she does the movie justice.


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