Monday, January 19, 2009

clean clean and more clean

today i have to take on a hideous task. cleaning. i have never been a fan of cleaning, and today i have to clean one of the messiest things in the house. the bathroom? no. the drainage pond? no. your yarn cabinet? yes. i got into knitting in about 4th grade and never stopped. theres something very relaxing and rewarding about knitting. then, this past year, i took up crochet. why? simply put, because its fast. crochet gives you fast, rewarding results. im still a much better knitter, but thats a knitter story for a knitter day. anyways, back to the disaster i call my yarn cabinet. i have a white cabinet in my room that i decided i would use to house my ever-growing yarn stash. the top shelf; yarn. the middle shelf; needles and books. the bottom shelf; assorted yarn-related knick-knacks. knick-knacks. knitting. knights. why not spell words the way you say them? i really want to meet the lunatic who started spelling nitting, knitting and thot, thought, but back to the topic at hand. well, the top middle bottom shelf method always starts off great, but soon gets turned into a midbottop method and everything is jumbled together soon before long. now it looks like an awful mess up yarn, needles, and books. even the bravest of brave wouldnt want to go exploring in there. i have absolutely no idea where to begin, and i have a lot of yarn that needs to be winded into balls, which will slow up the process. i also have school tomorrow, which i just love. not really. i wonder which is worse... school for a day, or cleaning my yarn closet... i will ponder this while you enjoy this artists representation of my yarn cabinet:

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