Sunday, January 18, 2009


hey hey! nice seeing you here, blog. my name is katie and i don't like capital letters. wastes too much time. im 13 years old and wish i was older. maybe things would be more fun. but thats ok. my life isnt super exciting, but sometimes its the boring things in day to day life that really make us who we are. like napoleon dynamite. its about absolutely nothing at all, and yet... everyone loves it. so everyone might not love my blog, im not napoleon dynamite, but maybe i can be your deb. and remember, libby loves the mostly.

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About Me

my name is katie and i'm 13 years old. if i was older, i wouldn't be here anymore. one of these days i'll get out. the adults say that i waste too much time. i might, but at least i go slowly enough to realize that starbucks isn't the maverick, that the speed limit isn't 150, and that theres a little girl in front of me at the supermarket. i like to think that the days when people drank tea and ate little biscuits really existed. those are lies but recreation of lies can be almost true. so i hope you can remember the times that never happened and unwind.